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About Us

About us

VIPS Group of Education is here to help every aspiring student irrespective of the city/state you are based in. With the advancement in technology and the availability of internet, smart phones, tablets, etc we have successfully been able to provide distant services to students based in different cities. And  VIPS Group personally attends every student's concern all throughout the process

Following are the details of the process:
a. Free Basic Career Counseling

This session is conducted over the phone between our experts and students to answer all the basic queries.

b. Registration with us

Registration happens very quickly through email and phone calls. After the registration is done, you will be put in touch with one of our relationship managers who will take care of all your procedures henceforth. Easy communication with the relationship officer can be done through SMS, E-mail and Phone calls.

c. Customized Career Planning with VIPS Group

Post the registration,  VIPS Group will help you devise a comprehensive career plan in sync with your profile, personality and preference.

d. Admission Process

Soon after the career plan, admission process will get started in the chosen country's universities/college. For the same, all the documents shall be collected by the relationship officer.